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Andermatt Swiss Alps


Situated at 1,444 metres a.s.l., Andermatt is harmoniously embedded in the high-Alpine Urseren Valley and is home to about 1,500 residents. The destination has always attracted guests from around the world, not only because of its charming traditional village centre.

The Urseren Valley boasts many attractions in summer and winter. In addition to The Chedi Andermatt, some 40 hotels and inns and just as many restaurants as well as 16 SAC lodges in the region comfortably accommodate guests.

With blooming meadows in summer and snow-blanketed mountains in winter, this location embodies the essence of Switzerland in an incomparable way. Andermatt is surrounded by a pristine alpine countryside and is blessed with some of the best-quality air and water in the world: a gift of nature that has been prized for generations. Water plays a central role because here in the Gotthard region are the sources of four major rivers: the Rhine, the Rhône, the Reuss and the Ticino.